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Snowmobile safari and a visit to a reindeer farm.

We make our way from Kakslauttanen by ski bus into Saariselka.When we arrive at the LuontoLoma office, we put on suitable warm snowmobile clothing. A guide explains the snowmobile controls and how to drive it safely. Our route winds across the splendid crown snow-loaded scenery over the fells and descends through primeval pine forests to a reindeer herder's "kota". Over a cup of warm crowberry juice, we bid our guests welcome to meet and feed the reindeer. This tour also includes a short reindeer ride.

For lunch, we enjoy lovely creamy salmon soup and for dessert, we have coffee made over a campfire with some Lappish cheese. We enjoy the atmosphere of the Lappish "kota" whilst sitting on reindeer skins watching the fire and forgetting the stress of everyday life for a while. You hear stories of life in Lapland, both past and present, about living in a "kota" and reindeer husbandry.

We say goodbye to the reindeer as we head back to Saariselka on the snowmobiles.

Duration: 4 hours, (approx 50-60 km)

Drivers will need their driving license. Guests from the UK should bring both the plastic card and long form paper license.

Price Includes:


The cost would be £xxx.xx per person.


Night-time snowmobile Safari

After dinner Pro Safaris will collect us from a designated cabin at kakslauttanen. We will be taken to Saariselka where the snowmobile safari starts. We drive to Taimenjarvi (2 per snowmobile) and stop and enjoy the silence, fresh air and the 200 year old pine trees. We will have coffee/tea and pancakes by an open fire and perhaps we will see the Northern Lights.

The cost would be £xx.xx per person.


The Husky Farm is situated just across the road from the hotel and here some 250 eager huskies await your arrival to take you on an unforgettable and exhilarating journey through breathtaking scenery.

Before the Husky safari, you will be provided with the necessary outer thermal suit, gloves and hat on arrival and thereafter you will be shown to your very own team of six Husky dogs. You will be given a lesson on how to drive the sledge and also how to observe all the important hand signals, as given by your leader. Each team consists of six dogs, you the driver, and your passenger who is comfortably seated in the wooden sledge. The driver and the passenger can change places at any time during the safari.

You can choose from a shorter Husky safari, which lasts 2 hours and during which you will be served a hot drink or a longer one, which lasts for 4 hours and includes a lunch served over an open fire in a wooden teepee.