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Lapland is a region in north Europe that belongs to parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

We fly into Ivalo airport in northern Finland.


During the winter, high pressure fronts move from Russia to Northern Finland. This causes the weather in the north of Finland to be quite cold for long periods during the year. In some parts of the region the yearly average temperature is near 00 C. The first snow falls of a new winter season usually begin in October and it is not unusual to have new snow in the most Northern areas as late as May. The coldest winter temperatures begin around December and last until March.


Temperatures in Finland can fall as low as -35oC with the wind chill factor, particularly during excursions, pushing them lower. Conditions can change unexpectedly and rapidly; the terrain is often hazardous and ground conditions can sometimes be difficult. Please take suitable clothing with these conditions in mind particularly good quality wind/rain outer wear; strong walking shoes or boots, gloves, hats and sufficient varied clothes to enable you to "layer up". If you are in any doubt about what to take, then please contact us.